How do we help our clients reach their goals and finally get some much needed sleep at night?

We LISTEN to their actual needs and WORK WITH THEM to build a REALISTIC strategy

to give them CLARITY, MORE TIME, increase PROFITS and return REAL RESULTS! 

Strategy Development

Get a clear vision of where you want to go and exactly what it’s going to take to get there. We'll deliver you a realistic and actionable strategy, laser focused on achieving your goals.

Business Coaching

Get the outside perspective,  objective opinions and educated guidance you need. Build and follow a strategic plan, and identify blind spots and roadblocks getting in the way of your success.

Marketing Services

We work with you to determine exactly what marketing initiatives you need to get done, then we build a monthly retainer program to make sure you get the support you need within your budget.

Evergreen Project Build

Do you have an idea for an online course, workshop series or automated e-mail program? We will help you build out the content, record and layout the content and develop a launch strategy to make sure you are successful.

Website Design

From WordPress to Shopify to Wix, we keep it simple, and build effective web solutions that convert sales,  streamline operations, manage costs and keep business owners in control.

Training & Workshops

Add some Hijinx Strategies wisdom and success coaching to your next team meeting, conference or retreat. We'll design the session topic and content to meet your needs and make sure your team has a blast too. You can also join any of our already scheduled Workshops if there is still room.


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