Show Up & Shine

Tired of hiding out and letting the chaos happen to you in your life?

If you feel like it's time to switch the script and show up in your life in a new way, this program is what you need. 


In this 5 day program you will discover

  1. Who you are being and how you are showing up in your life
  2. Who you want to be and how you want to show up in your life
  3. What's getting in your way and how to get it out of your way
  4. The brilliant wisdom you have to share with the world (aka turn into an online business)
  5. The secret to letting your brilliance shine brightly without feeling braggy or slimy 


You will get...

  1. 5 days of live content from me
  2. 1 Extra Q&A session
  3. Everything you need to set the foundation for your online business.
  4. $111 off the BLISS Online Biz program to help you build the structure of your online empire, write your first program, and launch your first online program.


Content will be delivered live from April 16-20, with an extra Q&A Sessions on April 21.  Following those dates this program will be available as a self-study program where you will have full access to all live replays, facebook groups and program materials.

Show Up & Shine


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