BLISS Planning 5-Day Live Workshop

You know you need to have a strategy. And I'll be you know you need some help to buckle down and get a strategy written. Do this. I'll help you. I'll teach you everything I know and make sure you have fun and feel 100% supported.

This is not one of those workshops where we'll scratch the surface of a few big concepts and you'll leave feeling more overwhelmed and confused than ever. Nope. We are going to get some real work done.


You are going to leave feeling totally in control of your business. You will sleep better at night knowing there will be fewer missed opportunities, surprises, and costly distractions.


You are going to set measurable goals, tangible objectives and create 52 weeks of clear and actionable tactics. You will leave feeling confident that your plan was built to achieve your specific goals. All you have to do is consistently execute the weekly action steps.


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BLISS Planning 5-Day Live Workshop

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