Does a Solopreneur Need A Business Coach?

Doing your own thing. Making your own rules. Working in your PJs. Ahhh that's what dreams are made of. Right?

I know you know the truth is a far cry from the Insta-Perfect Laptop Lifestyle you might be sharing on your social profiles. It's okay, we all do it.

But if you ever wanted to fix those not so great parts of your business you need someone who will call you on your shit and keep you accountable to your goals.

Business Coaches are not just for executives of 7 figure+ companies. They are also for entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to become 7 figure+ companies too.

A good Business Coach won't care where you are right now, they will only care about where you want to go and how passionately you want to get there.

You'll know the right coach for you if they can call you out and make you feel loved and supported all at the same time.

A Business Coach has one mission and that is to make damn sure you surpass your profit targets in a sustainable and scalable manner.

Yes you have to pay a real Business Coach. There are lots of free webinars from coaches and blogs and books written by coaches that will give you some great information, but is it right for you and your business right now? Which of the tactics are going to actually increase sales and PROFITS for you immediately? Your coach will help you streamline your path forward and cut through crap.

Here is how you will MAKE MORE MONEY than you spend on a business coach

  1. You will stop wasting time on things that don't make you money

  2. You will set bigger goals because you'll be focused on the right things

  3. You will finally start running a business instead of doing a job

  4. You won't be reacting to things last minute because you'll be in love with your growth plan and you'll be excited to watch it happen

  5. You'll actually have a growth plan

  6. You won't be afraid of your numbers, you'll be excited to play with them every month

  7. You'll have an accountability partner, someone who will get in your face every month to make sure you stay, or get back on track.

  8. You have a constant cheerleader running beside you and waiting for you at the finish line, which makes it very hard to quit or give up when things get tough.

  9. You have someone who has an even bigger vision for your potential than you do, and they want nothing more than to see you achieve it., which means not only will your goals be bigger, you'll have the right plan and support system in place to achieve them.

One Size Does Not Fit All

You absolutely need to pick the right coach for you, and I'm not right for everyone. If you want to see what working with me is like, feel free to take advantage of any of these totally free opportunities to pick my brain.

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