Are you REALLY committed to being successful?

Hey there entrepreneur with all your big dreams and plans, manifesting your heart out and watching on the webinars, learning everything you can possibly learn, so you can be super successful.

Watch this video to learn the three habits and one giant truth bomb you need to finally start walking the walk and living the life you're dreaming of.

Don't want to watch? That's ok, I've written it out for you too. Keep reading!

Being an entrepreneur is no joke, it is so hard. And while, it seems like there's a ton of information out there to help you succeed with this whole boss babe vibe thing, it actually feels more like an elaborate scavenger hunt designed by a whole bunch of smart people who have no idea where your start and end points are, So how on earth could they tell you the exact path YOU need to take.

Gah, it's frustrating. I totally get it.

I am going to share with you the three most important habits you can master and the one, knock your socks off, most powerful question that I have ever been asked.


Okay, First I'm going to share the one question that my mentor asked me that blew my mind and change everything for me. Now I had been telling her all about my businesses, about my big plans, about how hard I was working, about how excited I was, despite being exhausted, about all of the goals that I was setting for myself and for my business and about how I was still really striving to be healthy.

She stopped me dead in my tracks. And she said,

"What are you doing? What is your one goal?"

Without hesitating, I gave her my answer. I knew exactly what my one goal was. And I was feeling pretty good about the fact that I had an answer for her. Then she said,

"If a camera crew were to follow you around for an entire week, and then show the video to a crowd of strangers would the strangers get what you're doing and what your goal is? What if the video was muted?"

What message are your actions alone sending out to the universe about what you are working toward every day?

You can manifest it. You can claim it. You can "own it", You can build a shrine to it. You can vision board it. You can do all the things. But if you're not putting action behind it, It's not going to happen. You need to put things into action.

Ever since that conversation with my mentor I imagine a video crew following me around with their sound on the mute. I challenge myself and ask "are my actions showing the universe that I am committed to building a thriving business?" Now, there are still a lot of snacks and giant mugs of coffee in my movie but I am committed to doing at least one big and obvious thing every single day that will let my audience know what I'm striving for.

Give it a try and see what changes in your day to day life when you pretend you've got an audience.


Okay, let's jump into the three habits that you need to master and practice every single day. Doing these things every day will definitely tell your "viewers" what you are trying to accomplish.

1. DECIDE. Decide what you're doing. Decide what your goal is. Decide that that goal is the single most important thing to you. Decide that the pursuit of that goal is what you are all about.

2. COMMIT. Commit to working the plan. (Of course, this means you need a plan to begin with. So make sure you've got a really solid go to market strategy or a business growth strategy.) Once your strategy is in place, commit to following it relentlessly, every single day. Commit to doing the work that needs to get done. Commit to the action. Commit to the pursuit of your goal like an athlete commits to training for an Olympic medal.

3. INVEST. There are three resources you can invest with. You can invest your money, your time and your energy. If you are going to decide and commit to your goal, then you're going to have to go all in when it comes to investing your resources too.

Invest your money in things that are going to move you toward your end goal, faster (that's time) and easier (that's energy). You can invest your time in things that will create more profit (that's money) and efficacy or results (that's energy). And you can invest your energy in people who help you create profit (that's money), and help you get everything done efficiently (that's time).

As entrepreneurs we don't always have a surplus of all three of these resources kicking around. But I'll bet there is one you've got more of than the others. Follow this theory to use what you've got to generate what you need most right now.

When you master this investment strategy, then you'll essentially be creating your own renewable resources. You won't feel overwhelmed or broke or exhausted, You will feel fully supported, and super proud of your achievements.

And now you know exactly how to go about making amazing things happen in your business and your life.


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Until then, make sure to celebrate every win!



video transcription by Ottr