Are Entrepreneurs Born That Way?

Are entrepreneurs born or made? This debate has been going on for nearly a decade and we are no further ahead than we were before. How the topic continues to come up in my news feed is beyond me, but I'm finally going to weigh in with my own take on the debate.

First of all, who cares? Seriously, I would love to know who is actually asking this question? My guess is it's people who are looking for reasons to believe in themselves or looking for reasons to quit on their dream.

Being an entrepreneur is, like anything else, a choice. If you really want to be an entrepreneur, be one. There are certainly traits that successful entrepreneurs share and you can develop every single one of them because they are also, like anything else, a choice.

Still want to check a list? Ok, but you have to know that these traits are mastered while being an entrepreneur. So if you think you need to wait to develop these things first you'll be waiting a long time. It's like trying to be a great parent before having kids. 😂

Here's my list of "10 Traits Successful Entrepreneurs Share." This is based purely on my own experience, what I've admired in my mentors, and the google search I just did 😜 We have a video series launching in the Instigator Club on these 10 traits and how to develop them, so if you're interested join the group!

  1. Determined and tenacious

  2. Not afraid of taking risks

  3. Confident

  4. Curious

  5. Sees failure as a natural and required part of the journey

  6. Passionate

  7. Adaptable and open minded

  8. Sees money as a tool not a goal

  9. Builds value based relationships

  10. Unwavering work ethic

Now, you can let some list of characteristics determine your fate, or you can decide to be an entrepreneur, and commit to doing whatever it takes to be a successful one.

Right then, moving on...

There is really only one trait you really need to be an entrepreneur, and that is a GROWTH MINDSET. I know you've been hearing that so much lately that you were tempted to throw something at the screen when you just read that. But it's true.

"You can believe you can or you can believe you can't, either way you're right."

Look, being an entrepreneur is really hard. You have to really want it, and if you don't want it THAT'S TOTALLY OK. Do yourself, and your family, a massive favour and find a job you love with a great benefits package and paid vacations. Because the truth is, you can develop the skills and habits needed to achieve any goal you want, but if you don't REALLY WANT IT you'll continue to dick around making excuses.

Now, get out there and make it happen.🙌