Jillian Bowman

Business & Marketing Growth Strategist

The Mission

To inspire, empower and join forces with a dynamic, creative and entrepreneurial spirited team ready to make amazing things happen in their business and in the lives of the people it serves.

What's Included


  • 20 Years of experience in marketing , brand development, PR, team management and strategic business growth

  • Creative and collaborative attitude

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

  • Passion for personal & business health

  • Voracious appetite to learn everything

  • Love for geeking out over campaign metrics to find hidden gems and growth opportunities 

  • An intuitive leader able to see and leverage people's strengths a build a collaborative and productive team.

  • An open minded strategist who knows there are far too many amazing possibilities to get stuck on one way of doing things, or one right idea. 

  • A creative, data driven, opportunistic, risk taker who believes "Failure is not fatal" and knows "Success is not final".  

Click here to download my full Cliffton Strengths Insight Report if you're a geek like me and like this kind of stuff.

Top Endorsed Skills

According to my LinkedIn network

Integrated Marketing
Strategic Marketing
Relationship Marketing 
Brand Management 
Marketing Strategy
Business Development
Brand & Digital Strategy
Social Media Marketing
Brand Awareness
Brand Development
Trade Shows & Event Mgmt
Public Relations
Sales & Account Mgmt
Sponsor & Event Mgmt

“Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where THEY’D like to go."

- Seth Godin



Hijinx Strategies

2013 - 2019

I created Hijinx Strategies to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations succeed.


Through consulting and ongoing coaching programs I have been able to develop a business growth strategy planning system that incorporates fundamental best practices and the unique intricacies and resource challenges of each client.


The success of this system has inspired an online course and a publication deal, but the real joy is the impact it has on the lives of my clients.


Epicured Market

2015 - 2018

I created and operated Epicured Market, Canada's first online grocery, recipe and meal planning service designed for consumers with dietary restrictions due to medical diagnosis.


From conception to build to launch to exit and everything in between. I turned my passion for health and wellness into a thriving business that filled a market gap but made me miserable to run.


Thankfully, I caught the interest of investors who absorbed it into a larger existing company. Phew.


Brand Momentum Inc.

2009 - 2013

As a member of the executive I led more than 60% of the company's revenue, the largest team of amazing Account Managers, and all strategic and creative brand development for the agency's 30+ National and Global brands.  


While in this position (the first four years of the company) BMI was named one of the country's Top Places to Work, and was included in Profit Magazine's Top 10 fastest growing companies.



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email: jillian@hijinxstrategies.ca

text: 647-262-1639

zoom: 738-625-2208