How you experience your life is entirely up to you.

Choose fearless, free, loving and joyful

even when sh!t hits the fan.

i made this

for you if...

  • You feel overwhelmed by your current situation and too afraid of change do anything about it, but you know you need to find a way to create change in your life.

  • You know, or you have a sneaky suspicion, that you sabotage yourself every time you get close to success, and you’re frustrated and ready to cut it out already.

  • You are constantly getting in your own way with every “Ya but…”, “What if…”, “That won’t work because….” Story and you are tired of being trapped under these limiting beliefs.


Hi. I’m Jillian, empowerment and business coach, entrepreneur, soon to be author, and former agency exec.


I spent 20 years as an agency exec building brand and business strategies for hundreds of huge National and Global brands. It was fun, exciting and creative. I juggled dozens of brands and clients at the same time while leading a rapidly growing team. I managed all creative, strategy and proposal development, I pitched all of the proposals and boasted about a 84% close rate. I was responsible for more than 60% of the company’s revenue. As far as careers go in the agency world I guess you could say I was successful.


During this time, I was also raising a very young family (3 step-kids and 1 little one of my own). The Mom Guilt was killing me. I wasn’t making enough money to treat my family to the vacations we all deserved. I couldn’t get any better at my job because I was exhausted and burnt out. The feeling that I wasn’t enough, or nothing I could do was ever enough, was so real and I felt trapped.


Like crying in the shower every morning kind of trapped.


After a lot of encouragement from my husband and some wisdom from a success coach, I got up the nerve to ask for equity partnership in the agency. “We aren’t looking to take on another partner right now.” Was the answer. One month later they announced they had made some other GUY a partner. I was the first employee of that company so this guy didn’t have seniority, nor did he bring in more revenue. So when I found out that he was given partnership without having to buy into it I was fuming mad.


Like Maleficent mad.


Now I was exhausted, unappreciated, disrespected and pissed off. Not exactly the picture of a positive impactful leader. Certainly not the leader my team had come to respect or the one I wanted to be. I knew I had to get out of there, but also knew that every other agency would be exactly the same.


A lot happened after that, but I’ll save those details for the program.

Let’s skip to the end….


Over the past six years I have made incredible changes, took my power back, and I healed from the mental and physical impact of living under that much pressure for so long.


I started companies, took big risks, lost my shirt, built myself back up. I’ve loved big and had my feelings crushed. I’ve raised incredible humans and kept my marriage alive through it all.


None of it was easy, but it was all amazing.


I learned that no matter what happens I get to choose what effect life has on me.

I learned to feel the weight of a situation, honour it and let it go.

I learned to reprogram what my body thinks is stress or something to fear.

I learned that how I experience my life is entirely my choice.

… and I choose love, joy and passion every time.


You may have heard about my online program called BLISS. It’s a “how to create a business growth strategy” online program. It’s amazing and has helped so many people find clarity, profit and peace of mind in their business. But, I always knew there was another, more personal message inside me that I was supposed to be sharing. I just wasn’t sure what it was.


I asked a friend who has known me for a while and knows my story, what she thought my hidden message was. I had been struggling with this question for years and yet without any hesitation she replied with 100% certainty, “Resilience”.


And there it was, my great big vulnerable message. My truth.


My message wasn’t about business, or marketing or health. It wasn’t about successes or even failures. It’s about getting back up and making every single lesson learned matter deeply and propel me forward a little wiser and a lot more grateful.


I got to work scoping out a program to impart what I knew about resilience, and in doing so I realized that there really is no way to teach resilience in theory. That’s the prize you get from failure. But what I can teach is how you don’t have to fear failure.


You don’t have to fear anything at all.


You get to choose how you experience your own life.

You get to choose the meaning of the feelings you feel.

You get to choose to learn or regret.

You get to choose faith or fear.


“It’s not that your experiences change. It’s that your experience of your experiences change.”

Gabby Bernstein, The Universe Has Your Back


It doesn’t mean that my life doesn’t go sideways sometimes. It just means you don’t have to let other people’s actions and choices affect how you show up in this world. I don’t lose myself or give away my power, or feel the need to hope and wish for good things in my life.


I know who I am and I don’t fear very much at all. I know I already have all the good things I could ever dream of, and so much more will come to me when the time is right… When I become the person I need to be to share those gifts with those who need them.


“Share the truth inside you, and you will live free.
Hide the truth inside you, and you will never live.”

(I’ve loved this quote for so long but can’t for the life of me figure out who said it, so if you know please let me know)


I haven’t righted all my wrongs, or worked through all my dark corners yet, and that’s okay. My growth will continue and my story will evolve and as soon as I’ve mastered the lesson and become the person I need to be to share it, I probably will.


If you are called to Choose Your Own Experience in your life I would be honoured to share all of my lessons with you and introduce you to some of the techniques I’ve learned to manage anxiety, pull myself out of depression, eliminate limiting beliefs, conquer my fears, heal my spirit and my body, and share my truth.


If you are ready for this journey, let’s do it together.

Weekly Breakdown


Week 1: Comfort & Support

  • You’ll begin your journey by safely testing the boundaries of your comfort zone.


Week 2: Who Are You?

  • You’ll continue your journey safely identifying triggers and trying on new responses.


Week 3: Face Your Fears & Limiting Beliefs

  • Your journey will begin to evolve this week, be an observer and let it happen.


Week 4: Forgive & Thank Your Fears

  • We’ll retire fear from its years of service and appoint a new Captain to run the show.


Week 5: The Science Behind Fear

  • You’ll now have all the information you could possibly need to convince your logical, conscious brain that the work you are doing to minimize fear’s impact on your life is a worthy endeavour.


In weeks 6 - 9 we will dive deeper into 4 of the most common fears. We will explore how it presents, what it really means, how to reframe it, and what actions you can take to lock it a new pattern of growth instead of fear.

Week 6: Reframe 1

  • The Fear of Not Being Enough


Week 7: Reframe 2

  • The Fear of Not Having Enough


Week 8: Reframe 3

  • The Fear of Failure


Week 9: Reframe 4

  • The Fear of Being Judged

Week 10: Align & Action

  • Do one thing that used to scare you but moves you forward in alignment with your best self.


Week 11: Faith Feels Good​

  • Let healthy good feeling thoughts and actions be your medicine, to bring you back to alignment, love and joy


Week 12: Let Go & Allow​

  • Releasing the need to control outcomes is the ultimate act of surrender and faith and it is the secret hack to manifesting miracles in your life.

In this program you will learn powerful mindset shifts and practical techniques to help you…

  1. Identify the limiting beliefs that hold you back from living fully, fearlessly, and free.

  2. Rewrite beliefs that serve your journey to becoming the best possible version of yourself.

  3. Learn techniques to rewire your nervous system to minimize fear, stress, anxiety and pain.

  4. Learn to claim your power to choose how you experience your life no matter where you are starting from.

  5. Learn powerful reframes to help you lead yourself through fear, anxiety and stress to love, joy and peace.


April 2 – June 25


Tuesdays – Core content/lessons with Jillian via Facebook Live

Thursdays – Bonus modules, special guests and Q&A sessions

Fridays – Fearless Friday celebrations!!! 



All program content, celebrations and support will be shared in our private Facebook™ Group which you will have lifetime access to.




Look, I’m not a therapist. I’m a regular forty-something working mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, who has worked hard, aimed high and fallen flat on my face more than a few times. And I always get back up. I’ve asked for help from all kinds of people and I’ve put into practice the advice that made sense for me. I’ve learned a lot about myself along the way. I’ve healed my body, my mind and my soul. And I’ve learned the most important lesson of all…


I’ve learned that I have the instinctive ability to help people move past their fears and limiting beliefs so they can live their very best lives.


I know this is my superpower because I’ve been helping people overcome their limits since I was kid. From teaching friends how to water ski, to getting an entire cheer team to do forward splits, to inspiring a forest fire pilot and a rally car driver to chase their dreams, to helping contestants on a very popular reality TV singing competition to release their stage fright, to stretching employees beyond their experience level and comfort zone to watch them impress the heck out of themselves, to coaching hundreds of small business owners to get out of their own way and allow growth to happen.


Now that I have figured out the world of online knowledge sharing and I’ve broken down how I consistently apply these mindset and action methodologies to lead and inspire myself, and others, through fear, stress and uncertainty, I am so excited to share it all with all of you.


In this program I will share my own experiences and everything I have learned along the way. I will share links to resources I found helpful. I will introduce you to people who will teach you all kinds of helpful techniques. I will protect the security of the group to make sure it is a safe and supportive place for you to explore the concept and express yourself. And above all I will be there with you to support you and cheer you on every step of the way.


You will get everything I’ve got, and you’ll decide on your own what resonates with you and what doesn’t. Take what feels good and implement it into your life. Whatever doesn’t feel good leave it behind. This program is 20+ years of personal growth and a lifetime of being human distilled into 12 weeks, I’m sure there’s a little magic in here for you.